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I would like to join an association, can I just walk into any activity?

Most of the time you can walk in, sometimes registration is required. Feel free to attend, at any time of the year! Maybe bring a friend, or contact someone at the board to ask questions.

I would like to join a circle or club, but don't want to be hazed, should I?

Although a hazing is not scary at all, we totally understand that not everyone wants to do this. You don't have to be afraid, you can go to most of the activities without being hazed! Only some cantuses of some associations are closed, but feel free to ask people of the associations themselves.

What is Durf Doen?

Durf Doen is a project of the Ghent Student Council, the Assembly of Konvents Presidents and Zeus WPI. The goal is to make the student associations that are recognized at UGent known to the students. This way every student can find a leisure activity that suits them. Because UGent is more than just studying.

My association is not listed/the information about my association is incorrect. What can I do?

Anyone can modify the information for their own association with a pull request, you can find the instructions to do that very easily here. If you find computers scary you can also always contact us with mail.

What is a konvent?

Associations are grouped into conventions. These conventions support them in all kinds of ways, such as organizing sports tournaments, distributing subsidies and giving advice on their operation. There are seven associations at Ghent University: the Seniorenkonvent, the Faculteiten Konvent, the Home Konvent, the Working Groups and Associations Konvent, the Political and Philosophical Konvent, the International Konvent, and the Cultural Konvent.

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